Coming back to Avignon


I discover the city like a photo book one leaves through. It reminds me of some years of my life full of feelings and some hard to forget memories which have been my education.

Twenty years later, this city remained unchanged. Years went by and Avignon is still like an old postcard that cannot be painted over.

It didn’t get fashionable, it is not high-tech, and I got this weird feeling that any time I’m going to come upon a Pope out of nowhere, desperately trying to find again the symbols, the sacred and the independence which made the golden years of Avignon.

I am not fond of Avignon and yet…

Life takes us back to our contradictions, and gives us the means to surpass them.

Strangely enough, I found the way to see the city in a different way at La Brasserie du Conservatoire, Place Pie.

Everything begun there.

As time goes by, in this very popular place, I met with women and men who are going to invite me in their life travels through walks along the streets of Avignon, the streets where one can see the Madonnas that adorn the houses.

An another view…

Notre Dame etc


The Virgins with the Child, the Virgins praying or glowing on the rues de la Bonneterie, d'Amphoux, des Teinturiers,  République, in the Palais du Roure… Along this initiatory path, they told me the story of the city, opened my mind to what I didn’t see any more: the spirit of Avignon.

Let me take you to a discovery of Avignon as a Marian town. Listen to the men and the women who made, and still make, Avignon over the centuries.

I really feel like an Avignoner…


Thanks to my walks, my researches and my findings, I’m no longer only born in Avignon…

I am a true Avignoner.

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August 21, 2018

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