Nathalie. Avignon,la cité mariale

 Nathalie - Présidente de l'association



It’s my first rendez-vous  I hadn't seen Nathalie for a decade; I didn’t come to Avignon during the same time.

I would like to capture the right words to tell her my gratitude. Nothing would have been possible without her.

Therefore, it was obvious that Nat became the first President of the "Avignon, the Marian City" organization.

We walked the streets for months to explore it again, and one day, who knows why, we looked up. 

That is how we discovered the statues of the Virgin Mary – with the Child, with rays, praying – and the more we looked, the more we saw of them.We went from a concept to a plan, and we put our ideas on paper, gathered pictures and documents. Days, evenings and week-ends went by, and we found ourselves standing before a six hundred pages file.

Nathalie is interested in a wide variety of fields. She’s committed, organized and she has a wonderful memory of dates and name places. She knew how to manage this huge dossier, the basis of our work.  

Today we launch our website, we’d like to publish a book, and we have lots of ideas to go further with our passion for Art, for the preservation and restoration of our architectural heritage… for the love of Beauty.

So, thank you very much Nat for your patience, your insights… I think about this saying :

“If a person dreams, it’s only a dream… but if two persons dream, it’s the beginning of a reality.”

Please, join us in our reality…

Dominique, témoignage, Avignon, la cité mariale, Natahlie

 Dominique - Chargé du scénario du site web



Dominique is one of the great people we got to meet. He’s a Swiss citizen but lives in Avignon for five years. An opera and theatre lover, he often pays us a visit to talk about his passions.


We were most surprised when he came one day, his handwritten text in hand.

It was the testimony of a friendship, of a rare encounter, of the days spent together to talk about that mad world around us, and also of his way to look at our work, with discretion and kindness. He belongs to that small group of people who witnessed how we grew up and made alive our ideas, our values and our feeling of Avignon

We always can rely on Dominique.

He was here when we struggled in times of doubt. He was here to support us, ask us questions.So, yes, we could have keep his letter in our personal archives, but we thought better to share it with you so as to let you understand why Dominique will always be our friend.


Thank you again Dominique, 


Nathalie and Jean-Michel

Avignon, Francis Dupré

 Francis - Chargé de la communication audiovisuelle



Nouvelle rencontre qui permet à l'association de passer un cap important dans sa communication audiovisuelle.

C'est Francis Dupré, réalisateur de documentaires en France et à l'étranger qui nous contacte.

En mettant son savoir et son expérience à notre disposition, il donne de l'ampleur à notre site en nous faisant partager ses connaissances.


Du fait de son parcours professionnel, nous sommes d'autant plus fiers de son implication. Nous pouvons désormais laisser libre cours à notre imagination : documentaires, reportages, interviews filmés...

Nous goûtons aux joies des tournages. On apprend comment mettre en place la caméra et chacun s'improvise dans un rôle jusque là inconnu pour la plupart d'entre nous.

Quand je pense à nos premières vidéos réalisées avec des bouts de ficelle, et que je vois les réalisations de Francis, je me dis que nous avons fait du chemin.

C’est avec patience et passion que Francis partage son métier avec nous, et ce sont à la fois des moments de rigueur intense et de franches rigolades… avec un résultat au delà de nos espérances.

Merci Francis !

Avignon, la cité mariale, Catherine Laurençot

 Catherine - Chargée de la communication web



Some people are naturally good at painting, some at sculpting, or at the seventh art… Catherine has a gift for communication.It’s our first virtual meeting.  We shared pictures on “Pinterest”, then, little by little and with many common features, she naturally

joined our organization to maintain the website.

She lives in Dijon and we are in Avignon, so we have to experiment long distance collaboration and it works quite well. Tell us what you think of the result!


Every changes from May 2018 had been made by Catherine : the logo, new layouts, a better download of the picture.  Our upcoming project is to give a more playful and friendly atmosphere to the site.

New ideas and projects are coming up. Stay in touch!


We are happy to welcome Catherine, our communication expert.

Avignon, Michel Gromelle, associations, cartes postales. Avigon,la cité mariale

 Michel Gromelle - Président d'honneur


This man with an imposing stature and a booming voice has devoted his life to Avignon.


Due to his rich and varied social life, and his involvements with organizations, he was promoted “Knight of the Voluntary Sector” after 45 years of good and loyal service.


His camera is always ready to capture the roots and heart of the city.


This hearty man shared with us his collection of old postcards, memories of Avignon. You may look at many of them in the city Archives.

In his company, we invite you to discover our “Before/After” section, which will be completed over time.

We’re thrilled that he has agreed to be Honorary Chairman of our association.

 Jean Jack - Chargé des relations publiques


Ah! Jean Jack, alias the Corsican as well as “Father”, because of his looks… the man with a thousand lives, a thousand faces and a thousand encounters…

It’s one of those meetings which make you love life even more. He says it himself: “Life is beautiful”.

His own life is a path, it’s up to you to follow him or not. 

During our peregrinations in Avignon, we get acquainted with Jean Jack at the Brasserie du Conservatoire.



Both Caycedian sophrologist and philosopher, Jean Jack is characterized by his big heart and his wish to pass positive thoughts on to those who listen to him. Involved in volunteer work in Avignon, he’s often sought after by young and not so young people in need of an advice, an opinion.


Talking with Jean Jack is always an enlightening experience which makes sense.  He’s able to see and listen what you don’t, and to give a new perspective on the most challenging circumstances.  

He’s an unusual person, deeply humane, and you’ll no doubt recognize him when you see him!

For our part, thanks to him we discovered the rue Luchet and his Virgin with the Child. We’ll be talking about it shortly.

Jean Jacques Chevalier. Avignon,la cité mariale
Avignon, la Cité Mariale, Céline Zug, Photo Francis Dupré

 Céline Zug - Chargée des photos


Learning to know our city better leads us to meet more and more interesting people.

Celine Zug is one of them. We felt a genuine understanding as soon as we met, and it was only natural for her to join our organization. Her pictures are now included under “Avignon +”.

Her photographic eye as dazzling as her personality gives Avignon a cheerful appearance.  


You have to love people to take a good picture of them, to talk about them, and she really knows how to do it.Our adventure goes on, and we’ll again walk the streets, side by side with Celine; we’ll also go outside the walls to show you new photos and projects. 


To enjoy Celine’s work, click on this link:

 Liliane - Ecrivaine et traductrice de notre site web


A verb defines Liliane: to give, and a common name: benevolence.

She opened her house and her heart to us, and she’s always ready to help Nathalie and myself when we lack inspiration. She gives her time, her energy, and today we share her standards. 

She radiates goodwill and it’s good for us. A photographer and a writer, she helps us to give a more literary approach to our texts, and she translates them in English (the said translator does hope she does not make too many mistakes).

She’s one of those people who know how to do things with simplicity and efficiency.We are building a family, and we just found somebody who was missing.

Now that she’s one of us, we feel able to step further with this common project which brings us together for our great pleasure – and yours!

We feel good when she’s with us. She contributes a lot to our project, and gives us the desire to dig deeper and look further.  

Liliane is the new jewel of “la cite mariale”.

On behalf of all of us, thank you and know that you can count on us.

With kind regards,

Nat and Jean-Michel


Nat & Jean Michel

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